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Dominic Post

Dominic Post


As a lawyer and tax accountant it is very important for Dominic Post to underline his professional appearance with a sophisticated watch. Apart from that, a watch is simply important to him: 'I spend a lot of time on the road on my way to meet clients and being on time is a necessity. Therefore a reliable watch is very important to me.' The perfect watch for his occupational routine is a plain timepiece which slips under a cuff easily. But his fondness for beautiful and functional watches does not end there. 'I love to travel and I'm also an enthusiastic scuba diver,' the 45 year-old says. 'That's why dive watches found their way into my collection early on.' Thus the Immergée is one of Dominic Post's favourite models in the collection of Mathieu Legrand.

Dominic Post wears:

MLG-1004-A MLG-1004-A
Mathieu Legrand